Case Study: Kitchen Extension Builders in Worthing

Brief Summary

Arch Construction recently completed a comprehensive project at a residence in Worthing, focusing on a rear kitchen extension and structural alterations. This task involved demolishing the existing ground floor rear structure to create a new, expansive open-plan kitchen space, incorporating large bifold doors and a new patio area.

Additionally, a new downstairs bathroom was introduced, and the project encompassed a full suite of services from the initial demolition to the final turnkey finish. This included installing a custom kitchen and a bespoke walk-in larder, tailored to the clients’ specifications.

Project Overview:

Our Goals & Challenges:

  • Maximise Space and Natural Light: Our primary goal was to transform the small, existing kitchen into a spacious, modern area that maximises natural light and connects seamlessly with the garden.
  • Maintain Daily Life During Construction: A significant challenge was ensuring that the construction process caused minimal disruption to the homeowners’ daily activities, requiring careful planning and scheduling.
  • Navigate Logistical Constraints: We aimed to efficiently manage the delivery of materials and the execution of work within a confined space with limited access, all while ensuring the high quality of construction was maintained.

Job Background

This project marked our first engagement with the client, presenting a unique set of challenges, primarily due to the site’s limited accessibility. 

The residence, situated amidst terraced housing, was only accessible through a narrow alleyway, compounded by the busy surrounding roads. The client sought to expand their kitchen and living space to create a more inviting area for family gatherings.

Job Requirements

The project demanded a comprehensive construction effort over four months, involving detailed planning, architectural design, structural work, and both interior and exterior finishing. 

We managed the entirety of the process, ensuring that the client’s vision for an expanded kitchen and additional bathroom was brought to life within the expected timeframe, through meticulous scheduling and project management.

Constraints and Challenges

One of the principal challenges encountered was the site’s constrained access in Worthing, which necessitated careful logistical planning for the transport of materials. Additionally, the project required the construction of a new sewer system

This entailed securing a build-over agreement with Southern Water and ensuring the installation complied with their inspection standards, posing a considerable challenge.

Techniques and Hardware Used

To navigate these challenges, we implemented a holistic turnkey approach, handling every aspect of the project from start to finish. For the sewer connection, we employed specialist clay drainage pipes to meet the rigorous requirements set by Southern Water. 

The kitchen design featured cabinetry from Howden’s, alongside a custom-built, bespoke walk-in larder, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.


The project culminated in a highly successful outcome, with the client expressing significant satisfaction with both the process and the final result. Her testimonial commended the Arch Construction team for their resilience in working through challenging conditions, maintaining cost transparency, and offering constructive suggestions throughout the project:

“Arch have been fabulous, they have been in working come rain or shine. The level of work has been completed to a high standard and very tidy throughout. Aaron has been extremely clear with costs and offering suggestions throughout the build. Overall I have been extremely pleased with the finished result.”

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